10 tips to get followers on Instagram

Instagram quickly surpassed its first impression as a fun app “for young people.”” and became a serious tool of content marketingthe creation of networks of influencers and creation of hearing individuals and brands. It is one of the sites most popular social networks on the planet, with more than 200 million members active monthly.

The influencers they know that if you are just starting out on Instagram, posting photos can be quite depressing if you don't have many followers.

If your case is that you're on time but you want to raise the amount of followers in your account, in this article we will guide you to get more followers in an efficient way.


At present there are many platforms influencersthese platforms act as support and today there are many companies that contact influencers by means of these platforms to help them have more followers on their accounts, which benefits their brands.

It makes sense to use people influencers to exalt the virtues of the brand image. And as it has become a problem to find out who are the real influencers online; this has given him the opportunity to platforms influencers.

Other users, however, prefer a very simple solution and that is to gain followers through “like” shopping pages.” and followers; but you should know that this option is not profitable since there are tools like Social Blade to check if really the users that follow your account are real.


The world influencer will continue to grow as there are many people who want to follow this model in their lives. For this reason, many influencers have been provided in the middle many tips and tricks that you can use to increase the amount of followers on Instagram and boost your account.

Here we offer you these 10 tricks to that your account of Instagram gained followers each day:

  1. Make sure that your biography is complete. Include keywords and hashtags relevant, and a link to your site. Above all, don't be spamer; since no one who reads your profile will follow you!
  2. Use hashtags and creative that will help to increase the number of followers: #FF (Follow Friday), #instafollow, # l4l (like Me), #tagforlikes, and #followback.
  3. Remember that quality surpasses quantity. Edit your account to leave only the best images.
  4. Organises contests on Instagram. One of the simplest ways to do this is to post an image promoting the contest, then ask people to follow you and to share with more users that will give you continue to your account to be able to participate.
  5. Promote your Instagram on your other accounts and social networking profiles.
  6. Participates in conversations massively popular. For each publication, using a combination of hash tags topically relevant, like #woodworking for a woodworking business, for example, and hashtags popular, whenever you can.
  7. Make the most of your URL's bio. Use that clickable link in your bio to drive traffic to content more new, or more popular.
  8. I know descriptive with your captions.
  9. Participates in the marketing influencer. Interacts with the main influencers in your space, and you try to become one of your people or favorite brands.
  10. Use a call to action to tell people what they want to do with your posts. Find smart ways to get people to share your content (images that evoke positive feelings tend to have good feedback)


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