5 Tips for creating effective Hashtags

You have to be an expert in social networks to generate content of interest to our audience and achieve notoriety. On this occasion we bring you some tips to Create effective hashtags We hope they will be of help to you, Influencers.

  1. Hashtags are better kept short. The longer a hashtag is, the fewer characters you can use to express ideas. This can be a big problem, if you have 140 characters and use 20-25 in the tag that will group them, you are wasting space. To achieve this, many people and organizations cut words or use initials. Many local hashtags use the name of the country summarized in their structure: Chi, Cr, Co, Mex, Mx, etc. As an exception to the rule, the only long hashtags that are successful are related to humor, the hashtag helps part of the joke.
  2. A hashtag should try to explain itself in a few words. If the hashtag is short, and at the same time you manage to understand the topic to which it refers, you will have a great tag. The example of the hashtag#2deMayo It is very good, short, direct and simple.
  3. It has to be easy to memorize. When trying to make a hashtag short, we are likely to use complicated letters or combinations. Currently there is a very popular hashtag which is#grrrr, which is easy to memorize once you realize that there are 4 Rs, but which is very complex at first. Although it is not a simple hashtag, it became popular because it was original, and because it could be remembered once its structure was understood. But at the same time it is very easy to make mistakes. Of course, it is one of those labels that has humor implicit.
  4. Be careful not to use a hashtag that is in use for another purpose. If you are organizing an event, the least you want is for information and tweets to be confused with other things. Do some research and decide which one you are going to use based on this point.
  5. Don't abuse hashtags. You don't have to create a hashtag for everything you write on Twitter. Don't fill your tweets with 5 hashtags either, one or two (in extreme cases) is enough.

With these 5 tips you have a good starting point to organize your hashtags effectively.

We hope that the information has been helpful to you. We encourage you to share your opinions in the comments or share the article on social networks.

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