7 tips to become a “youtuber” success

The videos of the youtubers They are increasingly consolidating among the content viewed by the general public. And some youtubers like JPelirrojo or ElRubius They have thousands, even millions of subscribers on their channels. But this is not a question of magic but of the hard work they carry out in each of their videos, prepare the script, record, post-editing, dissemination..etc.

If you want to be a star of YouTube or youtuber We offer you some useful tips that you will surely find interesting. But no one said success came without effort.

1.Get basic equipment. You will need a camera that records in HD, a tripod and a video editing program such as Adobe Premiere.

2.Create your channel on YouTube. You will have to choose a good name and customize your channel, a cover, profile image. If the channel name contains some keywords that users identify with or appears in a high search volume, the better.

3.Plan. You must have a script prepared and rehearse the gestures as well as the tone of voice and rhythm. It is also important to choose appropriate music and post-production effects that help provide continuity.

4.Utiliza YouTube Trends. One of the tools of a good youtuber is without a doubt YouTube Trends, this helps you identify which videos are trending and you can even segment them by the country of residence or gender of the users. This way you can create content that is potentially high in views.

5.Content. To highlight how youtuber The content of the videos must be essential, you can make videos on a special topic or telling anecdotes, but the essential thing is that they provide value, that is, something that the user appreciates. Furthermore, if our content is of very good quality, we can leave users wanting more and it will help us generate the next video with a similar theme.

6.Periodicity. Be a youtuber With a high reputation it is a background job, we must upload content periodically and analyze the reason why some have had a greater number of views than others, and always try to improve the quality of the content.

7.Diffusion. Essential for everything youtuber, creating excitement when a new video is uploaded and promoting it on social networks is part of the hard work.

We hope we have helped you a little with these helpful tips about the work of the youtubers, and we encourage you to try to carve out a space for yourself with your own style.


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