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Every time begins to sound more familiar word Influence. And it is to be Influence It is more than surfing the web content with ease pitching.

What is an Influencer?

This time we will try to identify if we can assign the title Influence. First we will try to define what a Influence: one Influencer is a person who has some credibility on a particular topic, and its presence and influence in social networking can become a reference person in the sector.

What usually offer Influencer?

What really characterizes a Influence is the ability to generate opinions and reactions other users when talking about a particular topic. They usually have a wide audience with a specific target in the subject. In addition enjoy sharing their knowledge and related content, it may be the case of youtubers, the instagramers, or twitters, but it takes more than having many followers, we need to have the ability to generate engagment. The influence that often have is positive, as it is a person with a powerful personal brand and all that share has a range of very important users, as well as providing a degree of credibility in their messages that have the marks.

Many Influencers are unknowingly.

Types of Influencers

-El celebrity online. Es un Influencer offline que a su vez también tiene repercusión online.

-El nativo digital. Es un Influencer que se ha gestado en comunidades y redes, de origen digital.