Marketing Influencers and KPI's

The marketing influencers involves the marketing of products and services to those that dominate the things that other people buy. This market influence typically stems from the experience, popularity or reputation of an individual. The marketing influencers it is similar to the marketing-of-mouth, but is not based strictly on explicit recommendations.

This form of marketing is unique because it attracts the needs of the network of influencers more that the customer. Companies should respect the influencers and form open relationships and organic for the influencer support a product. This may include giving access to the influencer a product that will be launched soon, or invite the influencer to visit the company in person.


In the web of influencers the focus of the marketing influencers it is a constant. Unlike traditional marketing, in the marketing influencers,businesses must be willing to invest the time to develop relationships honest and authentic with their influential people. And, often, the results are not measured in dollars and cents, but in the acquisition of new fans of the brand.


Social networks are a valuable tool to establish personal relationships with your audience, but also can be a factor very useful to increase your income, your reach, etc., The only way to ensure this (or even begin) is by using the tracking the KPIS of social networks correctos, más allá de su conteo, seguidor o recuentos “likes”.


With the passage of time, the world of marketing in social networks it has been developed in a language of their own. One can measure the engagement in terms of “likes”, shares, comments, views, and more.


formulas of engagment and kpis for the marketing of influencers

Engagement/Followers: Represents the commitment by follower or fan. Has the benefit of being easy to calculate, even for properties competitive where the information scope is not available

Engagemetn/Scope: Represents the commitment by every person that saw the publication, effective to evaluate the quality of the publication.

Engagement/Impressions: Represents the commitment by vision.


Reach it is a metric marketing the old school that are still important today. Indicates how far away it is really traveling your message: how many eyes has face-to-face. The measuring social reach on social networks it can be misleading sometimes, because that just shows how many people potentially saw their post or that was made available. Unlike the engagement, that has definite answers, as for number of likes, the social reach is only an estimate.


¿De qué sirve un sitio web o sitio de redes sociales si nadie está viendo o interactuando con él? Ahí es donde interviene el earned media. Este se basa básicamente de las participaciones, reposiciones, reseñas, recomendaciones o contenido recogido por sitios de terceras personas.

Equivalen al boca a boca en línea y es el vehículo que impulsa el tráfico, el engagement y el sentimiento en torno a una marca. Si bien hay diferentes maneras en que una marca puede Get Earned Media, las estrategias y herramientas SEO son las más controladas y efectivas.

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