The best tools for monitoring social networks for Influencers

The software monitoring of social networks it provides functionality to listen, track and collect relevant content across a wide range of social networks. Products monitoring of social networks are frequently used for the marketing influencers and by the teams of communications to identify trends, track competitors and understand the feelings of the client.

Tools monitoring of social networks allow you to identify opinion leaders or influencers and respond to mentions are positive or negative. Many products of social networking monitor publications in a variety of languages and countries, which allows companies to place ads.


  • ¿What kind of metrics does it offer?

This is especially important if you want to be able to get a good idea of what happens on your web site. Knowledge is power, and knowing how to behave your readers and visitors in connection with the status updates of social networks it can give you an incredible asset to reach the largest amount of people online and increase the traffic on your web site.

  • Social networks supported

One of the main things to keep in mind is, of course, is what social networks are supported.

  • Price

Of course, price is a factor to be taken into account.

  • Marketing content

Assists in the preparation and / or healing of new content, relevant and interesting.


At present there is virtually a tool for everything, from monitoring what people are saying about yourself, schedule, and improve your content. And many of these tools cost little or nothing. We offer you on this occasion, a summary of the best tools monitoring of social networks all influencer you should consider:


It is a popular management tool platform of influencerstesting Hootsuite to schedule postings on social networks. You can also create a live tracking for each keyword that you want, generating a grid of content that shows basic data of participation.


It is a tool that in addition to possessing the capabilities of older management, tracks the activity of the follower and suggests the best times for that post.


Platform exclusive (and 100% free) to manage multiple Twitter accounts and schedule tweets. Twitter requires especially a lot of activity, so this is useful when you first start.

Google Alerts

This tool simple and easy to use has been used by the specialists in marketing content for years. What it does is it allows you to monitor and receive alerts about any thing of the web, on a specific topic.

Social Mention

Tool absolutely for free and in real time, which runs through the web, and more than 100 social media channels, including favorites of Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and collect everything with a mention of your name (or who to look for) in a single list. The list can be filtered by blog, pictures, videos, etc


Monitors and collects data from over 80 million sources. Add context to the conversations in line to the measure analysis, as well as the interests of the audience and the gender ratio.


Sign in to Digimind to track keywords in real-time from the major news outlets and social media platforms. You can compare how you perceive the advertising for brands or products against the competition at the time of provide products on social networks.

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