Build your influencer strategy and achieved success

When a strategy is carried out for Be an influencer An intense study of some variables must be carried out. Even if the objectives become different due to the moment in which the brand is. All objectives have the same goal in common: getting the message right for the public, it must be correct.

That is why in this goal it plays an important role for the marketing influencers go for KPI’s.

There is nothing more prudent than measuring the possible results of a campaign. With this action you can save and even increase its profitability; You will be clearly focused on those actions that will only give you the best results.

Red Influencer points out for you the way forward to become an influencer

To be able to put together a strategy of marketing influencers successful, the four phases that make up any good strategy must be very clear. If you don't know them, we will present them to you below:

  1. Set the objectives.
  2. Design the actions that you will soon develop.
  3. Select the social network to use and Hire influencers.
  4. Carry out the execution and measure the results obtained.

In the next point we will be detailing these steps. Meet withRed Influence, how you can achieve an optimal influencer strategy.

If you follow these steps we assure you that you will achieve success with influencer marketing

Set the goals you want to achieve

It is common knowledge that within any marketing in social networks There is a need to set fixed objectives. It "s like everything in life.

It is only when you know what you want that you achieve it. Objectives serve as a map that guides us to achieve the goal.

The objectives that can be set within a marketing influencers They are uncountable. It can be branding, creating a community or loyalty, having notoriety, among others.

If you are launching into the market, the first step of advertising for brands is to make oneself known; even long before setting objectives such as sales.

Using the metric system it will be really possible for you to know if the campaign really met the objectives or not. And in general, depending on the case, whether they are followers, likes, getting visits or downloads. Although you should know that there are objectives that are not really tangible, these are Branding objectives, such as:

  • Own the brand image.
  • Have a good reputation.
  • Relationship of the brand with values.

The metrics are what will determine whether or not what was sought with the project was achieved. marketing influencers.


Design the actions that you will soon develop

From the design of the campaign Brand advertising It is normal to have designed actions that you intend to develop with influencers, but without a doubt to achieve success you must have flexibility. ¿Because?

  • The influencer you will work with should feel comfortable with the actions that will be carried out.
  • Not to mention that, as content creators, these influencers already know their audience. They may actually know what will work and what won't.

In Red Influence We recommend that you let your guard down, be flexible and take the time to listen to the suggestions that the influencer may make. If not, simply present some options that you agree with and that the influencer you work with may agree with too.

The field of options that you can develop within what the Influencer Marketing refers is quite broad. That is why locking yourself into one main idea may not be the best option.

Possibly some influencers They will feel comfortable with your ideas. Maybe they are also likely to reject other of them, but that's why you really don't have to give up on them.

In Red Influence We say that combining the roles and actions to be developed is the best way to carry out the work.

It is equally important not to forget the budget when financing actions and hire influencers. The numbers will always have to add up.

Select the social network to use and hire influencers

The success of your advertising for brands, will undoubtedly go hand in hand with choosing the right influencers. This is why when evaluating them you should not only look at the numbers they move; but also some data such as:

  • See if your brand really fits with the influencer's audience.
  • Audience demographics.
  • The values ​​that can be associated with the influencer.
  • The type of content the influencer creates.
  • The commitment that the influencer has with his audience.

Once you have satisfactorily performed the analysis that will collect all that information then you can Pre-select those influencers who seem right; and then (through a selection that evaluates their traits in greater depth) you can select the most qualified.


Carry out the execution and measure the results obtained

Officially in Red Influence We have taken you to the last step. The one where you will implement everything you have planned in order to measure the results you obtain. To focus on the measurement, when doing it it is better to take into account some aspects:

  • To get an idea of ​​whether or not the agreed objectives were achieved, we will look at the final metrics; If we want to know results about how our campaign has evolved, it will be better to measure them in real time.
  • You shouldn't let everything be the work of the influencers. It must be measured in real time from the moment the campaign is launched. That way we will know which actions will really enhance others. If they do not serve as a basis, we will know if the campaign really gains interest or loses after the first impact.

In Red Influence We remind you to evaluate the results in real time. You may have the opportunity to change some aspect of the campaign if it does not go as well as you had in mind.

If you really want to be successful in influencer marketing, following our tips will undoubtedly help you achieve your goals.

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