What is Marketing Influencers?

The Marketing de Influencers It is based on work performed marketing of products or services other brands and companies through influencers (influencers).

We are dedicated to Marketing de Influencers from a new perspective, giving full freedom to the Influencers for them to decide which brands work and how. This got the influencers do not feel pressured and they are the ones who show interest in the marks.

The influence of these leaders come online to become a key element in developing brand shares. According to professionals surveyed in a study of auguryThe role of Influencers It is strategic for a company in product launches (76%), promotion and distribution of content (57%), event management (50%), and crisis management (44%).

Likewise, the role of Influencers acquires special relevance in their marketing strategies content and 44% of respondents regularly collaborates with them to their creation.

¿Desde cuándo existe el Marketing de Influencers?

The Marketing de Influencers is not new, it has been practiced since about 2013 and the growth trend is positive.

83% of people who have made actions Marketing de Influencers They say they have given remarkable results.

But not all statistics for, we care about our growing Community Influencers offering a quality service that can also help them grow.

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