Learn with us how to be a blogger more productive

Blogs are websites in which a wide variety of content is published in a stipulated time. These contents are published in the form of articles, which are called by many by the name of post, they are ordered by the dates on which they are published. published.

¿What types of blogs exist?

There is a wide variety of blogs among which we can mention:

  • Personal blogs: As their name says, they are blogs in which the person's personal experiences, ideas or thoughts are told.
  • Professional blogs: They are blogs specialized in gaining publicity for the work or services provided, while at the same time serving to promote the writer's personal brand.
  • Corporate blogs: They are blogs focused on the business sector, brand development, among others, they seek to enhance themselves by gaining publicity about the services and products they offer.
  • Thematic blogs: They are blogs designed to talk about a specific topic and in this way generate monetary income.

The person who dedicates themselves to writing blogs as bloggers or sometimes digital writers is called. These bloggers are people who dedicate themselves to writing about different topics or categories on social networks and web pages, with the mission of not only informing but also training and selling your Personal brand to interested people.

Bloggers are characterized by maintaining constant communication with their audience, over time they generate what is known as a Personal brand, a seal that characterizes them with which they can obtain different sponsors interested in investing or requesting their writing services

Bloggers can dedicate themselves if they prepare properly to what we know as content marketing or also to digital marketing. Many start as a hobby, a way to de-stress and communicate, which with time and dedication becomes a full-time job. .

Tips to become a productive blogger

Being a blogger is not easy so we have prepared a series of tips or can also be called tips which will help any blogger be more productive and improve their own. Personal brand, below are the tips that will change your life as a blogger:

  • Write down all ideas that are presented, this way you won't overlook anything and you will have a lot of material to use on your blog.
  • Reserve time correctly for both work and blog, refers to the fact that the time we invest in your private life must be organized, as well as the time that you will use to work on the blog in this way, achieving a balance and not clashing with each other.
  • Avoid all types of distractions, By this we mean that you disconnect from social networks, turn off your phone, turn off the television, thus avoiding being distracted by anything that could waste your time.
  • Get informed in the right way, Before writing about a specific topic, investigate different sources, this way you will have a solid basis to be able to give your point of view on the topic to write about.
  • Have a folder with images ready, This will help you be more efficient, so you won't waste time looking for the images you will place on the blog.
  • Dedicate yourself to writing mainly and when finished edit, This avoids wasting time and you can finish the writer more quickly.
  • Authorize your post to be shared, This way you will reach a greater number of people, making your blog more popular and hopefully attracting the attention of people interested in paying for your services.
  • Make yourself known, By participating and commenting on forums related to the topic of your blog, you will become known to other bloggers who can help you improve and reach greater potential.

Aprende con nosotros como ser un bloguero más productivo

Advantages and disadvantages of being a blogger

Having the job of a blogger is not a really easy task, these people must look for topics that are in the public domain with which they can attract the attention of internet users in order to boost their Personal brand and at the same time visit the blog.

This job has a number of advantages and disadvantages which must be taken into account before deciding to become a blogger, which are:


  • Creating your own particular brand: By this we are referring to the fact that when starting to write the blog, without realizing it, bloggers are creating their own brand which will help them be known in different groups and will be your letter of promotion.
  • They have a large number of contacts: This is because bloggers make friends with other bloggers part of the day to learn better techniques, as well as at the same time there are readers who follow your articles.
  • Comfort when writing: This is because instead of being a daily worker, the blogger can work from anywhere, his home, living room, patio, cafeteria, etc., as long as he has a good Internet connection, removing the stress that many workers have when having than going to the job site.
  • You are your own boss: By this we are referring to the fact that you do not have a supervisor who is pressuring you, this is because now as a blogger you yourself are the judge of your work, along with an accessible schedule which is very accessible to carry out different activities.
  • Self-satisfaction: When you finish writing the article and publish it, seeing how users read it, comment on it and share it on social networks, this will raise your self-esteem, prompting you to improve your writing and editing to reach more people.
  • Great economic accessibility: It is a fixed amount of money that you will have, sometimes with extra payments or bonuses for the time in which you wrote the article for the blog. You can also offer other writing services with which you can earn a little more money.
  • It is a constant learning: It will be a constant education about the digital world and what makes it up, such as social networks, marketing, writing, SEO strategies, designs and many more, which will greatly help you perform better in your work.


  • A little recognition: Because in many places it is not considered a real job, recognition for your hard work writing is rarely valued by people.
  • It's hard to earn your pay: The different brands are not aware of the hard work we do to write a quality article and pay what they consider it worth, which is sometimes a minimum payment, but with dedication and knocking on doors you can get lucky.
  • Stress can be generated: caused by wanting to reach a certain type of audience, getting sponsors and clients can sometimes give us a great start.

En conclusión, los blogueros son personas con gran dedicación a la escritura las cuales pueden llegar a ganar grandes sumas de dinero por sus escritos, el mejor consejo que se puede dar en caso de que quieras dedicarte a esto es tener mucha paciencia y orden esto ayudará a volverte exitosos en el mundo de los blogueros.

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