What is Geomarketing and How to Use It in Your Business?

¿Have you heard the term once? Geomarketing?

If you are present in the digital world, it is possible that yes. Marketing agencies often mention it when talking about a specific method of targeting the audience based on the geographic area where the business is located.

Even so, the idea of ​​geomarketing is more complex than it seems. Indeed, it can be one of the most powerful methods to take your business to the next level, especially if you know how to use it effectively.

There are several ways to apply geomarketing strategies, and each of them can provide useful information about how the geographic area of ​​your market influences your business.

It is essential to understand the main ideas of geomarketing in order to use it in a way that gives results. ¿Are you ready?

Let us begin.

¿What is Geomarketing?

Although there are several definitions of geomarketing, each of them covers the idea that geomarketing studies how geographic aspects affect the relationship between business prospects and a specific business.

Generally, Geomarketing studies the customer, your needs and behaviors within a specific geographic area. The information provided by geomarketing techniques helps businesses obtain global knowledge of the customer and have a more detailed view of them.

Geomarketing integrates several aspects, including graphical presentation on maps, statistics, customer data, and more.

¿What are the variables of geomarketing?

There are different levels or variables that refer to geographic coverage. These levels can cover a Regional coverage, local, even which refers to a commercial establishment specific.

Let's take a closer look at each of them:

  • Regional: Regional coverage refers to the study of a geographic area made up of more than one country, whose members share a more or less similar market.
  • Country/State/City: This type of analysis consists of a division by local entities – by countries, cities, provinces, towns, etc.
  • Local/Micro local: While local analysis covers divisions between sectors in a city, micro local coverage usually refers to a specific business within a building, a store, etc.
  • Nano marketing: Nano marketing is a more or less new branch that includes using geomarketing tools (ads, for example) within a store.

¿What type of clients do geomarketing strategies refer to?

Geomarketing can refer to both local customers as to the Internet clients. Additionally, certain strategies may include a more specific group of customers, e.g. those who use mobile devices and those of social networks.

  • Local clients: A brick-and-mortar store can take advantage of geomarketing to attract more local customers, find an ideal location to open its next store, and identify other aspects that could help it improve its local business.
  • Internet clients: Online consumers broadcast their location through their IP address. A store's website can use that information to Enhance content marketing strategies and improve the user experience on its pages and adapt them to the geographical area where users are located. For example, you can display pages in a different language, or have ads appear only in front of users in or near Valencia.
  • Social media users: Since most social networks allow users to add location to their posts, local businesses can take advantage of an opportunity like this and send special offers to people who have checked in.” in your cafe, restaurant, etc.

¿How to use geomarketing to improve your business?

Many businesses can use geomarketing practices to attract more customers and keep existing audiences interested in their products or services. That said, geomarketing helps you collect essential customer data and apply it to one or more digital maps. Additionally, geomarketing reveals new growth markets.

Geomarketing serves to identify key details of customers, their profiles, and how they are distributed in a region. Thus, a businessman can create special marketing strategies to target the desired audience. Thanks to the data provided by geomarketing, a business can take advantage of several marketing opportunities.Return specific content that attracts the attention of audiences from various geographical areas. To create an engaging page For both users and search engines, check out one of the best free website builders and start improving your user experience in an incredible way.

By combining different analysis tools and crucial customer data, you can find the key opportunities to create an out-of-this-world market strategy.

¿How can my business benefit from geomarketing?

Geomarketing strategies can help a business grow and get to know the audience better, growth markets, and take marketing practices to the next level.

Some of the most notable advantages of geomarketing are the following:

  • Analyze market potential more easily
  • Have an opportunity to know the markets and improve the techniques to focus the fundamental segments of the market
  • Improve direct marketing or customer service practices
  • Know the potential location of the next store
  • Identify ways to plan your ad campaign
  • Identify the points of competition, office, sales, distributors, and other essential aspects of your local business
  • Have an idea of ​​sales by customer, region, municipalities, states, nation, etc. This information is used to Make a complete analysis of sales
  • View sales areas, merchandising routes, etc.


As you have already seen, geomarketing can be a powerful tool to identify the growth market, better understand your potential customers, and use data about their needs and behavior to plan strategies to take your business to the next level.

We hope that the information shared here has been useful and that you have learned the basics of a key concept like geomarketing. ¡Use it correctly!

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