Knowing more about marketing influencers

Something very common for those who have not yet worked with Marketing influencers es poseer dudas al respecto antes de dar el paso de contratar alguno. Esto se da igual al miedo a explorar cualquier terreno que se mantenga desconocido.

In Red Influence We want to help you make the decision process easier on whether to work in the marketing influencers o no, y es por ello daremos respuesta a algunas de las preguntas que se hacen acerca de este marketing y cómo es el trabajo con influencers.

¿Tienes alguna pregunta acerca del marketing de influencers?, quizá encuentres la respuesta aquí

¿Es mejor usar influencers o involucrar celebrities?

Es importante saber que una persona denominada celebrity no tiene por qué ser mejor que un influencer. Lo que realmente se busca al trabajar el Social Media Marketing es alguien que posea naturalidad, por eso es que en la mayoría de los casos un influencer It is the most assertive option. This choice will be made based on the objectives, profile and budget.

¿If I hire an influencer, should I pay them? ¿What type of influencer is best for me?

You really should not get carried away by a high number of followers, this will not determine which is the best influencer for our campaign. On the other hand, the commitment you have in conjunction with the type of content you create are more important points.

And as for the part of whether you have to pay them or not, there are some influencers who agree to carry out certain actions without the need for any investment in them, they do this through the exchange of products or services. What must be kept in mind is that in these cases you cannot demand a lot of work from them either.

If what you want is to have a commitment with the influencer and for him to be faithful to your brand, then it is best if an adequate payment is agreed between the two parties.

¿How can I measure the backup of the investment? ¿Can I guarantee a minimum of sales?

Within a campaign of marketing influencers You should not only evaluate the sales that have been generated, there are other aspects that can result in great profits. These can be the increase in popularity of the brand, as well as the content that was created to promote it.

Although if we start to evaluate it is true that in the majority of cases interesting ROI is obtained, it is not healthy for either party to expect that a minimum of sales will be generated, since there are many factors that are included in the bell.


¿How much money should I invest in paying an influencer? ¿Could it be depending on the conversion level?

As with any service, each influencer has their own rates. You cannot expect to set a price table and have everyone abide by it. These prices may vary depending on their ability to reach their audience and their popularity.

It is obvious to emphasize that an influencer who has millions of followers on social networks will earn much more than one who has barely exceeded thousands.

On the other hand, the collaboration with influencers In relation to its level of conversion, it can be carried out but only in specific cases. But in Red Influence We recommend that you do not expect this to be an option when designing your campaign.

¿Where can I find the information I need about the influencer and their audience? ¿Is it possible that you know personal data such as your age or if you have previously worked with other brands?

This information is really easy to access, you can perform simple searches through information platforms and you will find what you are looking for.

And if you have any doubts, the Influencity team can help you carry out an analysis of their profiles and inform you which brands they have previously worked with.

¿Who owns the content they create? ¿Can I see the results immediately?

Even if it is the case that the brand is the one who pays, the content that is generated for its benefit still belongs to the influencer as he is the creator of the content. The brand will benefit from said content, but will not own it.

On the other hand, in Red Influence We know that when it is done Social Media Marketing It is expected to have immediate results, but the reality is that in some cases this can be the case, but in others the actions will only have to be sustained over time to obtain the results.

¿Why should I hire the influencer for a minimum established amount of time? ¿What happens if I only want to carry out a small and short campaign?

The marketing influencers It is not an experiment, it is taken as a strategy and that is why you have to be clear that you should bet on it. In that case, it is necessary to carry out several campaigns over time and not just do a single-day action.

¿How will my product be introduced to the public? ¿Will the influencer do everything possible to make it known and make their audience buy it?

The public is the basis of every influencer, without them all their work and all their efforts would really collapse and they would have to start searching among the ruins of their success for a new way to rise.

This is why you cannot expect the influencer to try very aggressive measures to promote your product to their audience. The measure that will benefit both of them is promotion through recommendation or suggestion of use.

We hope we have helped you…

Us Red Influence We hope we have helped you to clear a little the doubts you may have had about the marketing influencers before you decide to read this article. It is an advertising method that is increasingly proving its success.

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